'Life in a Metro'

...Sitting quiet on the bed she started sobbing soon, standing couple of meters from her at the window..he was looking outside. From the 10th floor the city looks even more beautiful.

Both of the couples were whist, the deep silence was seemed to be more killing one at that time...

Finishing his cigarette he said...
"look sona...better we should get apart for some days, the day we start missing each other, will start life again...,"

And without cares to listen the reply he left for the office. The clock struck nine. 

During lunch in the office he thought to accede his mistake in the evening and mulled over the possible ways to win round her dejected Sona. In the evening he locked his bike in hurry, without waiting for the lift he ran towards the stairs and soon reached at the door of his rented flat. And damnnnn......It was LOCKED. His dreams were scattered. He was eating his heart out. Dropping his bag he sat on stairs."

This is mere a story..., yea it might be. But is it..?? Now think again..is it mere a story...?? answer is No..this is the life, most of the people living in metros...
"...they fight a lot, they lack patience now. They believe that they are loyal to each other yet they hesitate to share there Facebook passwords. They still cares for each other but now this caring needs attention like if I cares for you then you must also care for me...."

The couples in metros specially the married ones (newly) turns exquisite now. And really it is..you got to believe it. One of the leading newspaper last week published the stats regarding the suicides of married people.

I still remember that pure romantic Bollywood number from the movie.."Ek dooje ke liye" rhymed as "hum bane tum bane ek dooje ke liye" (we are made for each other). I wonder if same feelings still burns in the hearts of the couple. (I am talking about the masses not the individuals...please bear with it and pardon me if this sentence hearts you 'I mean "hurts you"...)

With the change in time, poets are now rock-stars and romantic songs are now item numbers in the movies.

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